Gymea Technology High School offers students an inspiring learning environment that provides success in a range of academic, sporting, leadership, citizenship, creative and performing arts areas.

The school’s technology focus blends student learning across the curriculum with current technologies in this digital age and supports students with their personal pursuit of learning in an environment that promotes collaboration, creativity and inspires high expectations. Our students enjoy a range of opportunities within their academic learning as well as through structured wellbeing and leadership initiatives that help inspire well-rounded successful individuals prepared and skilled for this 21st century.

Upcoming Events
  • 2 Sep
    • Science - Practical Assessment Task Year 7
    • Science - Scientific Skills Task Year 10
    • Science - Chemistry Practical Task Year 10
    • Senior Science - Second Hand Investigation Year 11
    • Head Start to High School Year 6
    • 11VHO1 Hospitality Practical Assessment Task Year 11
    • 11VHO2 Hospitality Practical Assessment Task Year 11
  • 3 Sep
    • Synergy Schools Conference Year 9
    • Photographic & Digital Media - Portfolio #7 Digital mock-up Year 9
    • Design & Technology HSC Markings Year 12
    • Backyard League Program Year 7
  • 4 Sep
    • CHS Athletics
    • 11VHO1 Part A Hospitality Practical Assessment Year 11
    • 11VHO2 Part A Hospitality Practical Assessment Task Year 11
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