Term 2 Year Meetings

Year Groups came together to support students on a range of topics to enhance their wellbeing. The coming together as a year group, also provided an important opportunity to recognise and celebrate student success in all aspects of school life. Below is an overview of the support provided to students in each Year Meeting.

 Year 10

To strengthen student’s ability to self-regulate to enhance their wellbeing, students explored the importance of getting enough sleep. In the form of a reflective, educational and interactive presentation, this year group were taken through the importance of their Sleep Hygiene. A ‘Kahoot’ interactive activity kicked off the workshop allowing students to gauge their most recent nights sleep, followed by a quick video on what can happen to their attention when they are lacking sleep.

Year 10 were then given a quiz to see how much they already knew about sleep facts – in accordance with their age group. Finally, the session concluded with information about why sleep is so important, and some helpful tips to follow if students are finding it hard to get to sleep. To further engage the students and have them link their sleep to their learning, students were challenged with a competition to see who could keep a sleep diary for the next week.

Year 9

In preparation for upcoming examinations Year 9 were presented an engaging session focused on study skills. Students discussed strategies for “getting organised”. The key message for students was to plan ahead to give them the best opportunity of presenting their very best work and to avoid unnecessary stress. Practical tips were shared by students to improve their organisation allowing them to approach the completion of their assessments with confidence.

Year 9 meeting image

Year 8

Last term, Year 8 were the audience of a cyber bullying program that explored the risks and impacts of the world online on the very real world of high school students. The year meeting was an opportunity to come together to enhance a sense of belonging as an anti-bullying strategy and continue to build on students’ understanding of the importance of developing and sustaining respectful relationships.

Year 8 Meeting image

Year 7

The theme of the Year Meeting was ‘getting down to the business of learning’. Term 2 for Year 7 is quite different from Term 1, and the Year Meeting was aimed at informing students of this, and explaining why. Term 1 for Year 7 is all about the transition to high school and settling in, culminating in Year 7 Showcase. In Term 2, students really get into the business of learning, with more assessments, NAPLAN, and their first formal exams.

To prepare Year 7 for what lay ahead, Year 10 guest speakers spoke to Year 7 about creating good study habits and routines, dealing with stress, managing their workload and doing their best in exams. Also, the Head Teachers of English and Maths, went through the expectations and processes surrounding exams.

Year 7 Year meeting image

Upcoming Events

July 2019

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  • Parent Teacher Night Yrs8,9&10
  • Work Experience Year 10
  • Music 12 MUSIC Task 4:TASK 4B 1 ELECTIVE Year 12
  • English Advanced 11ADV Task 3:Module A: Multimodal 11
  • Work Experience Year 10
  • Mathematics Extension 1 Task 3:Investigation Task Year 11
  • Physics Task 3:Depth Study Year 12
  • Personal Development, Health & Physical Education Task 1:Core Dance and Interview 11
  • Year 9 Forensics Cemetery Site Study
  • Debating
  • Years 9/10 Debating
  • Work Experience Year 10
  • English Extension 1 12 Task 3:Critical Response with Related Text Year 12
  • Work Experience Year 10
  • Mathematics Advanced Task 3:Investigation Task Year 11
  • Mathematics Standard Task 3:Investigation Task Year 11
  • English Advanced 12 Task 4: Module B: Critical Response and Discursive Writing Year 12
  • English Standard 12 Task 4:Module B: Extended Response and Discursive Writing Year 12
  • Personal Development Health and Physical Education Task 2:Critical Analysis Year 12
  • Work Experience Year 10
  • UOW Engineering Day Camp
  • Dance Task 3: Interview, Logbook and Dance 11
  • Students start term 3 7-12
  • Sutherland North PS Athletics Carnival
  • Modern History 11 Modern History 1 Task 3:Historical Investigation-Research and Essay Year 11
  • Modern History 11 Modern History 2 Task 3:Historical Investigation-Research and Essay Year 11
  • English 9G Task 6:Wide Reading 9
  • English 9Y Task 6:Wide Reading 9
  • English 9E Task 6:Wide Reading 9
  • English 9A Task 6:Wide Reading 9
  • English 9M Task 6:Wide Reading 9
  • Economic Activity @Taronga Zoo 12
  • Kareela PS Athletics Carnival @Sylvania Athletics Track Yr 10 PASS