Year 12 Graduation

Congratulations to each of our Year 12 students on their graduation from high school. This special event is the culmination of six years of high school, and was celebrated with style on Tuesday 24 September by our Year 12 students, their families, our staff, our 2020 Prefect body and their families and our student audience of Year 8 and Year 10.

Graduation is a most significant and special time for Year 12 and their families, filled with many mixed emotions. It is also a special time for our new prefect body who were inducted into their new leadership roles. Our school community felt immense pride for the wonderful young individuals who have grown up so much in their time at our school.

This is a most meaningful occasion, when the achievements of each individual student is recognised. It was such a pleasure to celebrate the diverse talents and achievements of our 75 Year 12 students at the end of their six year high school journey.

A number of special awards were presented to the following recipients:

  • Dux of Year 12: Sarah Graham
  • Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award: Caitlin Clancy
  • Reuben F Scarf Award for Commitment and Achievement: Aidan Potts
  • Gayner Ivers Award for Leadership and Community Involvement: Ashleigh Mason
  • Sporting Excellence Award: Caitlin Clancy
  • Aboriginal Education Achievement Award: Caitlin Clancy

At the conclusion of the Graduation, a morning tea gave Year 12 students, their families and teachers a lovely opportunity to come together and celebrate this milestone. Thank you to Mrs Kimber and the Catering Team for the professional job they did with all the food preparations.

A special thank you must go to Ms Nicole Foreshew, Year 12 Adviser, for the tremendous care and tireless support she has given to her year group, always with their best interests at heart.

Congratulations to our 2020 School Captains, Ellen Marsh and Rhys Thomsen who were outstanding in leading the school through such an important celebration for their first official duty.

We sincerely wish each of our Year 12 students the best of luck for the future and in their HSC examinations. The complete Graduation and Prefect Induction Program can be downloaded here: 2019 – Graduation Program

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