Skiing a Slippery Slope

At the beginning of week two this term students from years 7, 8, 9 and 10 PDHPE classes travelled down to Kosciusko for a three day skiing experience. The Parents farewelled their children on Sunday afternoon and we travelled by bus for six hours south to Jindabyne. We enjoyed a relaxed and friendly trip and a quick fast food dinner in Cooma. When we arrived in Jindabyne we were greeted with postcard style scenes of snow covered terrain. We were very lucky that a weather front had dropped over a half a metre of snow the previous day providing the best conditions of the season thus far.

We all worked together unloading the bus and setting up in our rooms before we were geared up and lectured on the safety aspects of Alpine Sports.

Everyone enjoyed a hearty breakfast and headed up to Thredbo to begin our winter sport experience.

The conditions were bitterly cold and snowing but everyone was happy and excited to be heading out onto the snow. Our expert ski and board instructors got us moving early and we were all carving up the mountain or falling down for a quick rest. A quick lunch and another lesson lead us into a ‘buddy up’ ski or board session in the afternoon.

The second day provided cold conditions and a ‘white out’ in the afternoon and the third day was fine and sunny with perfect weather and skiing conditions. Everyone really enjoyed their skiing and boarding and made considerable progress in improving their skills.

The students all had a great time and worked really well together to complete the setup, pack up and all tasks assigned to them. I was very pleased to have members of the public and our organising company complement our students on their safe, respectful and positive behaviour. It’s amazing what people will tell you on a chair lift!

The students should be commended on their behaviour and the positive attitude they took to their skiing and boarding. The bus trip home was very relaxed and everyone enjoyed the games and banter, especially Alan, Alan, Alan and maaaaate!

Mr Liley – Head Teacher PDHPE

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