Principal’s Welcome

Gymea Technology High school is a school where all students can grow and succeed both academically and socially through an inspiring and engaging curriculum.

Student academic performance and growth continues as a strong point for students and families of Gymea. The school has received recognition from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and the NSW Department of Education, as a school that is excelling academically and helping students achieve significantly above expected academic growth. Academic value-added performance continues to highlight the school as a standout, a school identified as excelling, throughout all years at Gymea.

This continued growth is reflected in our student’s performance in the Higher School Certificate each year, leading to many wonderful post-school opportunities and pathways for our students. Continued increases in the number of our students performing in the higher achievement bands results in successful University and tertiary pathways for our students, with many gaining entry into their chosen university course through early entry, scholarships and offers through the University Admission Centre, as well as success in their pursuit of apprenticeships and traineeships.

See more on this at: High Achievement

Students at Gymea have a valued voice in the school and enjoy strong relationships with staff and students alike. A happy and safe school, students are supported by a valued wellbeing-focus as safe, respectful and successful learners, allowing them to maintain focus on their learning and develop the confidence to pursue active involvement in a broad range of activities and experiences.

At Gymea, the learning spaces and technology facilities are among some of the best in New South Wales. Our modern, collaborative classrooms and state of the art technology facilities support and enhance authentic and diverse learning opportunities for all students at Gymea. Our learning spaces are unique, inspiring and engaging all students in a way that creates deeper learning, strong, respectful relationships and stronger academic success.

Gymea Technology High School is a welcoming, friendly and performing high school with opportunities for all students to truly be inspired and engaged in their learning, enabling students to truly succeed. I look forward to working with you as we continue to support our students as successful, confident learners and active informed citizens.

Peter Marsh



Gymea Technology High School Strategic Plan 2018-2020 revised

Gymea THS ASR 2019

Upcoming Events

February 2020

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  • Sharks Respect Presentation Yrs 7 & 8
  • UOW Discovery Day 12
  • P&C Meeting
  • Yr 12 HSC & Pathways Evening 12
  • OnStage Drama Excursion 12
  • Callback 2019 - Dance 12
  • Hospitality Cluster D Due 12
  • English Year 9 Task 1:Research Task 9
  • English 10G Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 10
  • English 10Y, 10E, 10A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 10
  • English 10M Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 10
  • Open Boys Basketball Years 11-12
  • English 7M, 7E Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 7
  • English 7G, 7Y Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 7
  • English 7A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 7
  • 2020 School Swimming Carnival 7-12
  • Mathematics Standard Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • Mathematics Advanced Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • English 8E Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 8
  • English 8Y, 8A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 8
  • English 9Y, 9E Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 9
  • English 9M, 9A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 9
  • Technology Mandatory A 8TEA.2 and 8TEA.3 Task 1:Digital Citizenship Quiz 8
  • English 8G, 8M Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 8
  • Year 7 Vaccinations 7
  • English 9G Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 9
  • Technology Mandatory A 8TEA.1 Task 1:Digital Citizenship Quiz 8
  • Technology Mandatory A 7TEA.4, 7TEA.5, 7TEA.6 and 7TEA.7 Task 1:Digital Citizenship Quiz 7
  • Brainstorm - Cyberia Yrs 7/8
  • Mathematics Extension 2 Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • Science Task 1:Year 9 Skills Task 9
  • Evacuation Drill Whole School
  • Ecosystems at Risk Fieldwork @Bate Bay - Cronulla (CANCELLED) 12
  • Mathematics Extension 1 Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • Music 1 10MUS1 Task 1:Performing 10
  • Technology 7 Task 1:7TEB3 Moodle Test 7
  • School Photos 7-12