Principal’s Report – Mr Peter Marsh

 It has been a busy term 3 both academically but also with the wide variety of non-class based activities that are offered.

Our Year 12 students have commenced their Higher School Certificate examinations and day 1 of the English examination saw many happy faces feeling success and satisfaction. Our journey with our Year 12 is not yet complete as many are still arriving for last minute revision sessions and that encouragement and support prior to the examinations starting during the day.  My congratulations and thanks to the teachers who have supported our Year 12 students throughout their journey over the last six years.  Our District office joins us in wishing them all the very best in their final weeks.  The official sign out day for Year 12 is on 13th November (1.30pm – 3.00pm) and a special morning tea with Year 12 students and their teachers has been arranged for Thursday 17th December at 10:00am here at school.

Term 4 marks the beginning of the study of HSC course work year for our Year 11 students. Many Year 11 students contemplating changes to their pattern of study which would see some withdrawing from courses and enrolling into extensions for others. It is an important decision to make and should not be rushed into without discussion at home and with teachers at school. Information has been distributed to students that will enable them to reflect on where they are at and make informed decisions about adjusting their courses. Most courses will schedule their first HSC assessment task this term, so the course work that our Year 11 students are completing now, is in direct preparation for their HSC. Year 11 students will be working right up to the end of term.

The work each of our junior students have completed this year comes together in their final round of class activities, tests and other assessments. It will be a busy time for each one of them as they continue to explore the opportunities of the curriculum but finish off and prepare for these final assessments. Student reports and awards for the year’s accomplishments will occur in the last week of this term. I have enjoyed walking into many of their classes and talking with so many of the kids about their work at hand. It is very exciting to see so many happy and engaged as they explore their learning and working with others.

There have been many physical changes occurring around the school, in the school grounds but also within classrooms. The Degin2learn project has enabled the redesign of some student learning spaces to enable students to better engage and be inspired with their learning. To complement that project, the Connect2learn project is currently being launched that is focused on engaging our current generation of students with their learning by bringing their own personal contemporary mobile devices to school to use with class activities, tasks and homework. Much investigation and planning has been undertaken with both of these projects and we are ready to now launch broadly with our school community. Information will be communicated through meetings, learning sessions as well as web and email notices. This is an exciting time for education and for our school as we are equipping ourselves through solid educational program and assessment design coupled with teaching and learning practices that reflect the needs and demands of our 21st century learners.

I do look forward to a very successful and positive last term of learning and activity for everyone in our community.

Upcoming Events

December 2018

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  • Music Concert
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • Music 8MusicG Task 3:Task 3B: Practical Year 8
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • Orientation Day Year 9
  • UNSW Motivation Survey
  • STEM Day Year 10
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • PASS Camp - Bonnievale Year 10
  • English Advanced HSC Assessment Task 1
  • English Standard HSC Assessment Task 1
  • English Standard Standard Task 1:HSC Task 1 - Multimodal Presentation & Related Material Year 11
  • English Advanced Advanced Task 1:HSC Task 1 - Multimodal presentation of prescribed text and related material Year 11
  • PASS Camp Year 10
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • 10 PASS Kayaking and Fishing Excursion
  • Information Processes and Technology 9IPT Task 1:Major Project - Planning & Presentation Year 9
  • Biology Syllabus - Theory and Experience
  • PASS Camp Year 10
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • PASS Camp - Bonnievale Year 10
  • Physics Task 1:Skills Task Year 11
  • Ancient History Task 1:Spartan Society Research Year 11
  • Biology Syllabus - Theory and Experience
  • Geography Excursion - Barangaroo Year 7
  • Multicultural Day Students
  • Music 1 11MUS :Task 1B: Core Performance Year 11
  • P&C Meeting
  • HSC Moodle Quiz
  • English Standard HSC Assessment Task 1 (Hospitality catch up)
  • English Advanced HSC Assessment Task 1 (Hospitality catch up)
  • Make Bullying History Presentation Yrs 7-10
  • UNSW and Whole School Survey Students
  • Project Based Mathematics Task 5:Project 4 Year 9
  • Industrial Technology - Multimedia 11ITMM Task 1:Major Project Stage 1 Year 11
  • One Mob Day
  • Year 10 Formal @ Kareela Golf Club
  • HSC Results released
  • Economics Task 1:Case Study In-Class Task Year 11
  • Geography Task 1:Fieldwork Report Year 11
  • Geography Task 1:Fieldwork Report Year 11
  • Personal Development Health and Physical Education Task 1:Research and Written R eport Year 11
  • Society and Culture Task 1:Research and In-Class Task Year 11
  • Year Assemblies
  • Mathematics Extension 2 Task 1:HSC Task 1 Year 11
  • Biology Task 1:Depth Study Year 11
  • Personal Training and Coaching Task 1:Task 1 Year 11
  • Year Presentations
  • Annual Presentation
  • Annual Presentation
  • Jamberoo Excursion
  • School Development Day
  • School Development Day