Multicultural Day and Colour Run

On Friday 6 December, our SLA are leading another huge Multicultural Day that will prove to be bigger and better than those successful multicultural days in previous years. This is a special annual event for our school community where we all have the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of culture that makes up our school, and identify a sense of belonging characterised by respect and care for who we each are.

Many teachers and students are working together to finalise a host of cultural stalls and organising supervised activities throughout the afternoon culminating in a Colour Run. The Colour Run brings elements of respectful inclusive relationships to the heart of the day each symbolised through a different colour.

Download Parent Consent here: Multicultural Day and Colour Run

The organisation of the day

Period 1 and 2
• Mufti day cold coin and small note donation collection.
• Distribution of Colour Run T-Shirts for each student.

Periods 3 and 4
• Year 7 and Year 8 involved in Multicultural Workshops

• Multicultural Food Stalls – Students should bring along money to purchase food and drinks.

Periods 5 & 6
• Whole School Initiative activities undertaken in year groups
• Colour run
• Student band performances
• Water / soft drinks and celebration

Colour run

  • There will be colour powder stations as part of the course.
  • Parent consent is necessary for the final colour run where student’s torsos will be splashed with colour.
  • Students participating will be provided a Gymea Colour Run t-shirt prior to the run to indicate they have permission to participate in this final activity. Those students who cannot participate in this final activity will be given a memento t-shirt at the conclusion of the colour run so they do not miss out.
  • Student’s who do not wish to be coloured during the course and/or do not have parental permission, will walk around the coloured stations but remain involved in all other activities.
  • We will do our best to spray the powder and water at the torso, however wind and other factors can cause the powder to protrude on the face. Students are encouraged to bring their own eye protection such as sunglasses or goggles.
    Students are also encouraged to bring a towel and a water bottle. A hosing station will be available for a wash down if wanted.


  • In the event that some students finish the last activity early, students with parent permission may leave early. It is anticipated this will occur any time after 2:30pm.
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