Gymea’s Remembrance Commemorations

Students at Gymea Technology High School came together to commemorate 100 years since Armistice through a significant Remembrance Service and a series of commemorative learning experiences. 

Key Points

  • Gymea Technology High School students, joined by community members, gathered around the school’s cenotaph and garden to commemorate Remembrance Day with a formal Remembrance service.
  • The Student Leadership Assembly undertook an awareness and fundraiser for Legacy by baking, packaging and selling Poppy Cookies.
  • Students across History classes engaged in learning activities to bring deeper understanding of Remembrance Day and the Armistice of 1918.
  • Students across the school each made a Poppy that has been pinned to the front fence on the school for Princes Highway Traffic to observe. Each poppy is signed by the student and includes the name of a relative who served in war or conflict, or a name of a Sutherland Shire solder who served in the Great War.
  • Students represented Gymea Technology High School at the Miranda RSL sub-branch Remembrance Service.

Remembrance Outlook


Since the creation of our school cenotaph in 2015 to commemorate the Centenary of the ANZAC landing, our school set a new tradition by formally gathering for ANZAC and Remembrance services around the cenotaph each year, remembering those who have and continue to serve our country. With this year marking the Centenary of the Armistice of the Great War, our Remembrance service and the accompanying activities our students engaged in during the last fortnight held special significance.
Remembrance Wreath

Each year our students participate in lessons delivered through our HSIE faculty to deepen their understanding of the sacrifice so many before us have given and the significance of these commemorative services. Accompanying these lessons, our students created individualised vinyl poppies that now line our front fence. On the back of each hand-crafted poppy, our students hand wrote the names of the men and women from the Sutherland Shire who served in World War 1, as a symbolic gesture of remembrance. For some students, a relative such as an uncle, brother, grandfather or great grandfather was written onto the poppies as a sign of respect and acknowledgment for their service.

To spread the message of Remembrance and support for our soldiers, our Year 7 Student Leadership Assembly gathered support from their peers to bake and sell poppy biscuits, raising funds in support of Legacy. The support for this initiative was overwhelming, with the girls selling out of over 400 hand-made biscuits by recess on their two days of fund raising.

Our Prefects also represented the school on Sunday 11 November at the Miranda War Memorial at Seymour Shaw Park as invited guests of the Miranda RSL sub-branch. Our School Captain, Blake, read a prayer in the service and accompanied the prefect group in this service.
Remembrance @Mrianda RSL

But something that we speak about is that ANZAC spirit, those qualities of mateship, loyalty and respect. Even the smallest of contributions make a significant difference, and a selection of our Year 9 and 10 students displayed this working hard throughout the week to prepare our gardens surrounding the front fence and the cenotaph in preparation for our Remembrance ceremony.

Our Remembrance ceremony was held at 10:30am on Friday 9th November. The quiet and reflective way our students paid their respects represented our school proudly. Our student Speakers delivered a wonderful tribute to the men and woman who contributed in all wars. 

We thank our Special Guests; Eleni Petinos, Member for Miranda, Ari Havenaar Treasure Miranda RSL sub branch who spoke to the students about the significance of the centenary of Armistice which ended the first world war, Mr Dennis McHugh President of the Sutherland District Trade Union club, and Mr Kem Rakiposki Director Education Leadership Sutherland. We thank our special guests for participating in our service and laying a wreath at our cenotaph.
Remembrance Eleni Petinos

Students heard and learned a little of the Great War, the wars and the conflicts that have followed, the contribution of our local communities, the contribution of our traditional Australian people, and the impact of wars and conflicts on our country.  They also were immersed in much about them, as young people and the contributions they make, to Remembrance, but also their lives in society. We all feel proud to be part of this school community, proud of the contribution through respect and remembrance shown at the service and the lead up with the activities that the whole school has been a part of to remember.

We will remember them. 

Lest we forget. 



Remembrance Bugle Remembrance Principal



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