Gifted and Talented

Nurturing our Gifted and Talented at Gymea

At Gymea Technology High School, we have developed whole school programs that are supported by quality learning activities and experiences that best serve the needs of all students. Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following areas of ability at school: intellectual, creative, leadership, social and physical.  Our gifted and talented program provides talented students with learning opportunities that enhance and add to the normal curriculum.

In recognising this concept, gifted and talented students vary in nature and level of their abilities and it is critical that they are given the appropriate opportunities, stimulation and experiences to develop their potential. We are committed through the range of programs we offer to our students at Gymea, to nurture their potential.

Year 7 & 8  Gifted Program

We offer two gifted programs that share a commonality for selected students.

  • Academic Selective Class
  • Technology Accelerated Program

Academic Selective Class

In Years 7-8, there is one selective class in each of the years 7 & 8 and a selective stream in years 9 & 10 that cater specifically for the needs of our more able students. Research shows that academically gifted  students benefit enormously from being grouped together with other students of similar abilities and talents at custom essays UK. Students in our academic selective class are high achieving students. They are challenged through various enrichment and extension activities, problem based learning, and other higher order learning activities across the key learning areas.

Inclusion into  into our academic selective class in year 7 is based on an application, information gathered from primary schools and an assessment of literacy, numeracy and writing skills which is completed in May. We invite parents to provide additional information about their child’s achievements, including test results from other schools, NAPLAN results, literacy & numeracy competitions, school reports and their primary school portfolio.

Technology Accelerated Program

Technology and its application to learning is changing dramatically and increasingly takes on a role in all learning experiences throughout the curriculum at Gymea. Both girls and Boys have enjoyed a specialised focus in technology, including computer hardware and software development that now extends from gaming through to iphone applications, gaming design, robotics, web design, multimedia including movie design and photographic and digital media.

At Gymea, we offer students admission to an Accelerated Technology class that develops individual talent and interest in technology, as well as a broad understanding of technology in the 21st Century.

Students in this program are provided with extension and enrichment activities to prepare them for an accelerated pathway into the Higher School Certificate. These students will complete their Higher School Certificate in  Information Processes and Technology by the end of year 10, they undertake the Preliminary course during year 9 and the HSC course in year 10. Not only do our accelerated technology students perform  very well  in this course they have also enjoyed the opportunity to experience the HSC and develop those important skills in coping with the coursework, assessments and final examinations before they even start their full pattern of Higher School Certificate in courses in senior years

Inclusion into the Accelerated Technology class is based on an application and a portfolio of student accomplishments. In addition, students will be asked to complete an assessment focused on their literacy, numeracy and technology skills.

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  • Music Concert
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • Music 8MusicG Task 3:Task 3B: Practical Year 8
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • Orientation Day Year 9
  • UNSW Motivation Survey
  • STEM Day Year 10
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • PASS Camp - Bonnievale Year 10
  • English Advanced HSC Assessment Task 1
  • English Standard HSC Assessment Task 1
  • English Standard Standard Task 1:HSC Task 1 - Multimodal Presentation & Related Material Year 11
  • English Advanced Advanced Task 1:HSC Task 1 - Multimodal presentation of prescribed text and related material Year 11
  • PASS Camp Year 10
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • 10 PASS Kayaking and Fishing Excursion
  • Information Processes and Technology 9IPT Task 1:Major Project - Planning & Presentation Year 9
  • Biology Syllabus - Theory and Experience
  • PASS Camp Year 10
  • Hospitality Work Placement Year 11
  • PASS Camp - Bonnievale Year 10
  • Physics Task 1:Skills Task Year 11
  • Ancient History Task 1:Spartan Society Research Year 11
  • Biology Syllabus - Theory and Experience
  • Geography Excursion - Barangaroo Year 7
  • Multicultural Day Students
  • Music 1 11MUS :Task 1B: Core Performance Year 11
  • P&C Meeting
  • HSC Moodle Quiz
  • English Standard HSC Assessment Task 1 (Hospitality catch up)
  • English Advanced HSC Assessment Task 1 (Hospitality catch up)
  • Make Bullying History Presentation Yrs 7-10
  • UNSW and Whole School Survey Students
  • Project Based Mathematics Task 5:Project 4 Year 9
  • Industrial Technology - Multimedia 11ITMM Task 1:Major Project Stage 1 Year 11
  • One Mob Day
  • Year 10 Formal @ Kareela Golf Club
  • HSC Results released
  • Economics Task 1:Case Study In-Class Task Year 11
  • Geography Task 1:Fieldwork Report Year 11
  • Geography Task 1:Fieldwork Report Year 11
  • Personal Development Health and Physical Education Task 1:Research and Written R eport Year 11
  • Society and Culture Task 1:Research and In-Class Task Year 11
  • Year Assemblies
  • Mathematics Extension 2 Task 1:HSC Task 1 Year 11
  • Biology Task 1:Depth Study Year 11
  • Personal Training and Coaching Task 1:Task 1 Year 11
  • Year Presentations
  • Annual Presentation
  • Annual Presentation
  • Jamberoo Excursion
  • School Development Day
  • School Development Day