Applying for Year 7 2020

Enrolling into High School

Your primary school will provide you with an expression of interest for placement in Year 7, which once completed will be sent to us by the primary school for our Enrolment committee to review. We will write to you directly and where successful we will arrange for the transfer of your child’s details and be in touch with you about our Head Start to Gymea Transition program.

If you are out of the Gymea Technology High School drawing area, you are invited to:

Apply for an out of area placement by the end of Week 11 Term 1,  12 April 2019.

Expression of interest Placement in Year 7, 2020 in a NSW government school:  These are completed at the primary school.   If you are applying from a non-government school, please contact the school Enrolment Officer on 9521 3244 who will assist with the process.


The process for applying for an out of area placement?


Step 3

Complete an Out of Area Application Form and return it to the school with any supporting materials such as additional information about your child’s achievements, including test results from other schools, NAPLAN results, literacy & numeracy competitions, school reports and their primary school portfolio.

Download the application here: Out of Area Application Form


Step 2

The enrolment committee at Gymea will review enrolment applications. You may be invited to attend an interview with the school to discuss the application and provide an opportunity for us to meet your family and to get to know your child.

Step 1

School notifies applicant of outcome. For successful applicants, the process begins for a successful transition to high school as we begin our Successful Head Start to High School program.


Applying for a position in our gifted and talented programs.



Academic Selective Class

In Years 7-8, there is one selective class in each of the years 7 & 8 and a selective stream in years 9 & 10 that cater specifically for the needs of our more able students. Inclusion into  into our academic selective class in year 7 is based on an application.   Follow the link to apply for a position in this program:  Academic Selective Class


Talented Technology Program

At Gymea, we offer students admission to a Talented Technology Program that develops individual talent and interest in technology, as well as a broad understanding of technology in the 21st Century.  Our Talented Technology Program inspires separate programs for both girls and boys to explore a range of 21st century technologies.   Inclusion into the Talented Technology Program is based on an application and a portfolio of student accomplishments.  Follow the link to apply for a position in this program:   Talented Technology Program




School Enrolment Policy

View our Enrolment Policy



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December 2019

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  • Hospitality Work Placement 12
  • Hospitality Work Placement 12
  • Legal Studies Task 1:Research Report 11
  • Ancient History Task 1: Research Task 12
  • Day Out 8
  • Hospitality Work Placement 12
  • Hospitality Work Placement 12
  • Chemistry Task 1:Skills Task - Part 1 12
  • Music 1 11Music Task 1:Task 1C: Core Musicology 11
  • Design and Technology Proposal 11
  • Hospitality Work Placement 12
  • Multicultural Day and Colour Run Whole School
  • Visual Arts 11VA Task 1:Task 1: Development of a Body of Work 11
  • Geography 1 Task 1:Fieldwork Report 11
  • Geography 2 Task 1:Fieldwork Report 11
  • Chemistry Task 1:Skills Task-Part 2 12
  • P&C Meeting P&C
  • Year 10 - Preparing for senior school 10
  • Economics Task 1:Extended Response 11
  • PDHPE Task 1:Research task 11
  • Industrial Technology - Multimedia Task 1:Major Project Stage 1 11
  • Society & Culture Task 1:Research Report 11
  • Community and Family Studies :IRP - Part B 11
  • Celebration Assemblies Yrs 7-11
  • Mathematics Extension 2 Task 1:HSC Class Test Year 11
  • Biology Task 1:Biology Depth Study 12
  • English Extension 1 Task 1:HSC Task 1: Imaginative Response and Reflection 12
  • Annual Presentation Yrs 7-11
  • Year 10 Formal Year 10
  • Jamberoo Excursion