Mobile Devices at Gymea

Key Points

  • Mobile phones are like other digital devices that have valuable educational use to support student development and learning.
  • Young people benefit from strong expectations surrounding the safe, respectful use of mobile devices that lead to successful learning.
  • As from Term 3, all students are to have mobile phones away and not used or seen during all lessons.

Mobile devices are an integral part of both adults and young people’s lives. Each school has its approach that best meets the needs of that school community and with that are approaches that range from unlimited use to a full school ban. The NSW Department of Education has defined in their digital education strategy, a pathway to improving digital literacy and efficacy across the system. Schools and teachers need to engage students in learning with digital skills that they need now and in the future. Exploring evolving technologies and blending such technologies into teaching and learning enriches students experiences and success while further developing their digital literacy.

Mobile Devices

However, where the non-educational use of mobile phones in lessons become a distraction, the learning and development benefits for students are no longer visible. Students and the school have a responsibility to best manage this as individuals and with a whole school approach.

Our approach

At Gymea, we do not ban mobile devices but need to ensure that the non-educational use does not distract from learning. We have highlighted to all students a much more pointed strategy that ensures that mobile phones will not be a distraction in class with consequences if they experience problems in meeting expectations.

As such
  • All students are to have their phone in their bag for each lesson.
  • Until late Term 3, there will be no educational use of mobile phones during lesson time as a way to assist in a ‘digital detox’ for some students.
  • Teachers will not ask for or confiscate phones but will discuss with students and report them when these expectations are not met.
  • Students who do not meet expectations with mobile phones risk the phone confiscated by a Deputy Principal.
  • There will be exemptions for some student such as for students with specialist medical needs.

We will be working with our students through regular discussion and learning to support strong self-regulation to enable them as safe, respectful and successful citizens.

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