Jamberoo: End of Year Rewards Excursion

School attendance and positive participation in learning is paramount to helping students achieve success at school.

To foster these attributes, the school organises an annual excursion to Jamberoo Action Park as a reward for students who have demonstrated high standards of application, attendance and behaviour in all areas of school life through the year. This excursion takes place in December after the annual year group presentation assemblies. 

Students will be invited to this excursion based on the following criteria that exhibits their positive participation at school during the year:

  • Excellent attendance and punctuality to school
  • Consistent positive behaviour and application to learning

In those cases where your child’s attendance has been impacted by illness or injury or has been on extended school approved leave, those absences will not be counted as an absence for the purpose of this excursion. 

Each year, there are a limited number of places and once the eligible students have been identified, it will be a first come first served basis of attendance. 

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