Year 12 Commence the HSC Exams

Key Points

  • After a week of tutorial style lessons allowing our students to engage in final revision and consolidation, Year 12 have begun their HSC exams.
  • The Tutorial lessons allowed students to refine their exam technique and ask those final clarifying questions.
  • Year 12 have been in positive spirits throughout this week, giving every exam their very best.
Year 12 Study 1
Year 12 Study 2

This week saw the commencement of the HSC exams for our Year 12 students, beginning with English Papers 1 and 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday. This milestone is something our students have been working towards with such dedication and determination throughout this disrupted year. We were filled with hope and shared nerves as we watched our students walk into the hall prepared to give it their very best.

In the week leading up to the first English paper, our students attend a revised timetable of tutorial style lessons in our library. These lessons were run by their teachers and focused on final preparations for the HSC exam including past paper practice, tips and tricks for different sections of the paper and reviewing draft responses. Our students again showed that determined dedication they have displayed all year coming well prepared with their own revision questions for their teachers and working solidly throughout the week.

Congratulations on all of your efforts Year 12, not only in the lead up to the exams this term, but throughout this year. We are incredibly proud of you. 

Thank you to all our students who are supporting Year 12 through these HSC examinations through giving them quiet space around the examinations and in remaining away from the safe isolation areas set aside for Year 12.

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