Year 10 Work Experience

Key Points

  • Year 10 have enjoyed spending the final week of this term exploring the workforce through the work experience program. 
  • As part of the program, a group of 15 students chose to participate in a landscaping initiative run at school by their Year Adviser, working hard to make significant improvements to our school grounds. 

With restrictions easing this term and with the support of our careers adviser, Mrs Hristodoulou, many of our Year 10 students were able to engage in work experience at a range of workplaces during the last week of this term. This program is a milestone for our Year 10 students, allowing them to experience what it’s like to work in an industry of interest to them before they embark on their senior studies.

Ensuring COVID safe guidelines were met for all establishments our students were visiting meant that placements were not as easy to come by as they have been in the past. However, through much background work by Mrs Hristodoulou, the majority of our students were able to participate in this program and explore the world of work. 

As part of the work experience program, a small group of 15 students worked with their Year Adviser, Mr Amerikanos, in a landscaping initiative run at school. These students were tasked with a range of outdoor improvement jobs such as preparing and maintaining our garden beds around the hall, repairing the outdoor seating on the oval and painting the brick retaining wall around the Cola. The group worked solidly throughout the week to bring about these improvements and thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills about maintaining outdoor spaces, even delivering flowers to their teachers from the garden beds on the final day of their placement.  

As Mrs Hristodoulou visited our students in their workplaces, she received much positive feedback from employers about how our students approach and enjoyed the program. Congratulations to our Year 10 students. 

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