Clubs and Activities

Key Points

  • With restrictions limiting excursions this term, our staff looked at alternative ways to enable our students to engage in extracurricular activities around the school.
  • A range of special interest clubs / activities have been designed by our teachers ready for launch in Term 4.

Extracurricular activities offer students the opportunity to focus on an area of interest to them and engage with other like minded students across the school. Restrictions to excursions this term meant that many of our regular extra-curricular activities such as debating and regional sports competitions could not continue. This led our teachers to devise alternative ways that our students could engage in these types of extracurricular activities in COVID safe ways at school.

Over the last few weeks of term, a number of special interest groups have been communicated to our students during morning assemblies such as an elite athletes program, basketball club and an arts and crafts club, receiving great interest from our students. The arts and crafts club has already begun at lunch times, run by Ms Le, with students involved learning how to French Knit and capturing the interest and excitement of some of our creative students. 

We are looking forward to hearing more from our special interest groups as they launch next term.

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