Year 11 commencing their HSC studies

Key Points

  • A year of weekly formative tasks have guided Year 11 to their yearly examinations which were completed at the end of Term 3.
  • Year 11 students have a most important start to term 4 with the commencement of Higher School Certificate coursework and assessments.

At the end of Term 3, Year 11 students sat their yearly examinations, completing an important part of their Stage 6 education.  After a disruptive year due to COVID, Year 11 assessments were modified to include a number of weekly formative assessments throughout Terms 2 and 3. These weekly tasks were completed by students online. Students received regular feedback from their teachers about their learning and on the quality of their responses. Along with their performance in the yearly examinations and earlier assessments, the formative task results will contribute to their overall year 11 report mark and grade.

The start of term 4 sees Year 11 students commence HSC coursework and HSC assessment tasks across all courses. Marks that students achieve in the school-based Year 12 assessments will contribute to 50% of their overall HSC mark at the end of 2021. Assessments will include written tests, assignments, fieldwork, practical activities and projects. The remaining 50% of the HSC mark will be determined by the student’s individual performance in the HSC exam.

Some students are considering changes to their pattern of study. Before any changes can be made and to assist students with making informed decisions about their HSC studies,  we will be leading them through academic workshops where they will reflect on their performance across all of their 11 courses and start setting goals for Year 12.

Students will be issued with the 2021 Year 12 HSC Assessment Booklet. This document contains important information about NESA rules and the details of all HSC assessments, weightings and course outcomes assessed. They will also be provided with a calendar of Term 4 HSC tasks to help them with study planning.

It is important that all Year 11 students start the new term with motivation and desire to do their best. Developing a routine of regular study, revision, summarising, practising past papers, as well as seeking and acting on teacher feedback will help them to be successful throughout their HSC year.

We look forward to working with Year 11 both in and out of the classroom and sharing with you information about their progress and successes.

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