Students Reflecting on their Progress

Key Points

  • Students in years 7-10 have been given reports showing their academic progress, completion of homework, attendance at school and any other awards and achievements.
  • Guided by targeted questions, students have reflected on their individual reports highlighting what they can do to continue great achievement or how they can improve.

Students have embraced the opportunity to reflect on their learning and achievement. New individualised reports have been developed that show student attendance data, performance data in assessments across all subjects, homework completion data across all subjects, merit certificates awarded and greater school involvement.

By immersing students in this process of self-reflection and analysis of their own data they are developing important skills such as:

  • a greater awareness of current progress and achievement with homework and assessments.
  • ability to communicate about their learning and identifying what is helping them achieve success with their learning, or what they need to do differently to help them improve.
  • taking greater responsibility for their learning by setting individual learning goals and planning what steps they need to take to achieve their goals.

This is a very exciting initiative to authentically connect students, teachers and parents with school learning, engagement and performance. We look forward to continuing this process with students, tracking their individual growth and identifying any trends to better support them with their learning. We are confident that this will not only provide valuable information and feedback to parents/caregivers about their child’s learning but will provide a fantastic opportunity for us all to recognise and celebrate educational improvements and growth.

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