Success with HSC Minimum Standards

Key points

  • Year 10 students successfully undertake higher school certificate minimum standards testing in literacy and numeracy with outstanding performance.
  • Targeted program jointly conducted by the English and Mathematics faculties are seeing improvements in literacy and numeracy seen across stage 5. 


A new requirement for the award of the Higher School Certificate is for students to meet a minimum standard in literacy and numeracy. Students demonstrate this minimum standard through online testing assessing their skills across reading, writing and numeracy. Last term, our Year 10 students sat for their first round of HSC Minimum Standards Testing after testing in Term 2 was postponed, achieving our strongest performance of any year 10 group to date.

Over the last 12 months, our English and Mathematics faculties have been working collaboratively on a targeted program to continuously target, assess and provide feedback on each individual student’s literacy and numeracy skills. Run through our online learning management platforms, students complete online quizzes in reading and numeracy providing immediate feedback to both the students and their teachers about their progress. The data from these quizzes is regularly being used by both faculties to then target those skills that require further development in the classroom. In writing, students have been practicing responding to an online stimulus under timed conditions through their English homework, which is being marked by their English teacher against a common rubric.

Our Year 10 students proactively engaged in this program for four weeks as we returned from remote learning, sitting the Minimum Standards testing at the end of last term. Their progress within the Literacy and Numeracy program showed sound progress throughout the four weeks, culminating with all but a handful of students meeting the minimum standard in all areas of literacy and numeracy. 

For those who did not achieve the minimum standard in this round, they are beginning targeted support lessons run through English and Maths to help build the skills identified that should help them across the line in the next round of testing early Term 4.


Minimum standards tests

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