New Outdoor Classroom

Key points

  • Work has been finalised on an outdoor classroom and wider seating area for student use throughout the school day.
  • The project has been a real school community effort with staff and students alike contributing in one way or another, including students across your groups mass planting to finish off the area.

Earlier this year we began a school project to create an outdoor classroom space and enhanced shaded seating for student use during and between classes. The project has gained great momentum this last term with students already using the new seating and table areas.

The areas have been designed to:

  • Provide an outdoor classroom space with large tables and ample seating in an aesthetically landscaped area.
  • Surrounded by sandstone blocks and landscaped planted gardens the area is immersed in sound that is controlled by the teacher for a variety of media including students clearly hearing teacher instructions.
  • Allows for breakout spaces where students can divide into groups and work while still under the guidance of the class teacher.

All the spaces are available for student use outside class time and have already become a popular seating spot. The area still has some work to do and over the next couple of weeks, students over different year groups are planting a variety of native plants to surround the seating areas.

This has been a great school community initiative that has been achieved through the support and hard work of many students and staff. Involving more students to finish the area off with planting will capture greater ownership with this outstanding space.


Outdoor Classroom Outdoor Classroom Outdoor Classroom Outdoor Classroom Outdoor Classroom Outdoor Classroom


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