Digital Citizenship – Digital Thumbprint

Key Points

  • Years 7, 9 and 11 participated in interactive workshops to promote a safe, positive and responsible online presence.
  • Topics covered included cybersecurity, cyberbullying, digital discernment, digital balance, and digital identity.
  • Information for parents is available to help guide parents in conversations with their child about what should and shouldn’t be shared online.

Last Thursday and Friday morning a facilitator from the Digital Thumbprint program visited all Year 7, 9 and 11 students, taking them through fun and interactive workshops that covered a range of important issues such as cybersecurity, cyberbullying, digital discernment, digital balance, and digital identity.

Supporting young people to be safe, responsible and positive online is a key challenge for educators and parents alike. It is very important to be aware of these topics so that your child is prepared and supported to thrive in the digital world.  There is a range of free, downloadable Digital Thumbprint Parent Conversation Guides for parents and care-givers that support you to have effective conversations around what young people should and shouldn’t share online, cyberbullying, and how digital technology can support effective study practices.

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