Technology Supporting learning

Key Points

  • Our students and our teachers have embraced the experiences developed during the remote learning period to provide increased engagement, continuity and opportunities in learning.
  • Technology is enabling formative tasks that allow students to have regular checkpoints on their learning and gain feedback on how well or not they have understood the learning content.
  • Having anywhere, anytime access to learning materials and tasks is providing students with increased opportunity to own and control the organisation of their learning.

There are many research studies being conducted and a host of podcasts and articles available that are looking at those things that our community have learned after travelling through a lockdown due to COVID-19. So many workplaces, business and even educational institutions are developing new approaches that draw upon the benefits that we experienced during lockdown.

For our students and teachers, it is the heightening of the use of technological devices and technology platforms to reinforce and monitor student engagement and achievement. Online tasks and homework ensure that students can do that work anywhere, anytime and that ensures it is their individual contribution and feedback that allows them to grow and improve.

Our classes are flooded with devices that form part of their learning and certainly do not dominate it. We have always blended technology in our lessons at different rates but post COVID lockdown, teachers and students have embraced what we have supported for a long while now in a much more significant way. Walking around and visiting classrooms, the collaborative nature of learning is certainly still alive and powerful but the increased role of technology is also enabling increased engagement in classes with a stronger focus on student individual work.

One of the supportive processes that we undertook during COVID lockdown was to report on student progress. The quick turnaround to make that happen made it an extremely time consuming task and was not sustainable in that form but we are looking to see how we can communicate home with how students are progressing in a way that provides families with that timely access. For now, discussions with your children about weekly homework tasks across their subjects and for seniors, formative tasks in each course every week all found on Moodle and Google classroom will be a great way to support their learning from home.


Technology in Learning - Year 10 Science

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