A Staged Return to School

Key Points

  • Happy and excited faces as students reconnect with friends teachers and their school.
  • Year 12 work through HSC course guided by their classroom teachers.
  • Junior students transition back to school with a collection of Mathematics, English, health and fitness, wellbeing and remote learning support.

Commencing the day with a welcome address, our students eagerly began the new routine of school as the staged return timetable kicked off on Monday.

A combination of one day a week for a student in year 7 to 11 and four days per week to support year 12 in the final months of their HSC journey outlines the current staged return to school that the government has identified for schools.

Year 12 have returned in a ‘tertiary style’ model, attending 90 minute sessions that aim to consolidate remote learning packages, deepen knowledge and provide tutorial orientated experiences for our students. Their focus on their HSC preparation is critical and teachers are working to support our students with their preparation and learning.

Junior students have been enjoying defined Mathematics and English lessons with expert teachers leading those sessions. Students are also consolidating the learning and progress that has been set in the remote learning packages. Touching base with kids discussing aspects about wellbeing, health and fitness has mixed up the day for them and has allowed our kids to reconnect with each other and school.

We eagerly await news from the premier and the department on what is ahead for us and we look forward to a full-time return to school for everyone. Hopefully, not too long now.

Year 12 Mathematics Tutorial

Year 7 Mathematics Lesson

Year 8 Health and Fitness

Year 8 Mathematics Lesson

Year 12 PDHPE Tutorial

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