High Expectations for Accelerated Mathematics and Technology

Key Points

  • Prefects presented to our Accelerated Stage 5 Mathematics and Technology students on those crucial organisation and study skills.
  • These meetings focused on high expectations across these two course areas and those habits that will lead to success for their students.

Our Stage 5 students enrolled in the top Mathematics stream and the Accelerated Technology stream were invited to a meeting held in our Visual Studio on Wednesday and Thursday last week. The meetings were to introduce these students to the Accelerated courses they are undertaking this year, setting high expectations and outlining the commitment these students are undertaking.

For our Year 9 Mathematics G and Y classes, the meeting focused on the increase in work and the areas of importance for their study of Mathematics this year that will prepare them for Acceleration into the Year 11 Mathematics Advanced course next year. A number of these students are also undertaking the Talented Technology Program this year, which sees them pursuing the Year 11 Industrial Technology Multimedia course.

Our Year 10 Mathematics G and Y classes have now begun their studies in the Year 11 Mathematics Advanced course. Their meeting focused on the expectations of this course, the challenging nature of the assessments and our focus on introducing this new content to them in a supportive environment that is focused on getting those crucial organisation and study skills right, ready for senior school. Many of these students are also enrolled in the Year 10 Talented Technology course and are undertaking the Year 12 Industrial Technology Multimedia Major Project this year, and valued the opportunity to gain advice on how to best manage this busy year.

Both meetings saw a group of our Year 12 Prefects take time from their busy schedules to present to these students their own experiences when they undertook this program of Acceleration for the first time three years ago. The Prefects spoke about the challenge it provided them and outlined the fantastic opportunity they now realise it to be that has greatly assisted them with getting organised and realising their potential for their Senior Studies.

Accelerated Groups

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