Enhancing Literacy and Numeracy

Key Points

  • Creating opportunities to build and strengthen student literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Teachers and students reflecting on performance in literacy and numeracy through ongoing formative testing.
  • Engaging in an online learning environment to better prepare for HSC Minimum Standards, NAPLAN and academic success.

As part of a new initiative that commenced last year, our Year 9 students are engaging in a new Literacy and Numeracy program. Collaboratively developed by our English and Mathematics faculties, the program sees our students completing weekly online quizzes focused on reading, writing and numeracy utilising our online learning platform, Moodle.

The aim of the program is to engage all Year 9 students in regularly and consistently practising their skills in reading, writing and numeracy in an environment that provides timely feedback on each individual student’s understanding and growth. This online learning environment is being built and refined by our English and Mathematics teachers to ensure the content is targeted to the needs of our students.

These purpose built quizzes allow both our teachers and students to identify those areas of achievement in their learning as well as those skills that can be reviewed and strengthened through further learning and class activities. It is also familarising our Year 9 students with this style of online testing in preparation for NAPLAN this year and HSC Minimum Standards testing that they will need to be ready for next year.

Congratulations to our Year 9 students on the efforts and commitment they have displayed towards this new initiative both during the quizzes and back in the classroom with their learning.

Literacy Test

Literacy Test

Literacy Test


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