Welcome 2020 Year 7

On Tuesday 3 December, as part of our High School Transition program, our 2020 Year 7 Advisers Ms Foreshew and Mr Vamvakaris, along with over 30 Year 9 Peer Leaders, welcomed over 130 excited Year 6 students from many different primary schools to our school.

Our new students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with their Peer Leaders, in small groups, through a series of activities which helped them make new friends, form connections with members of our wonderful school community, familiarise themselves with the school and give them a great start for high school next year.

Congratulations to our dedicated Year 9 Peer Leaders for the caring, responsible and mature way they conducted themselves and led their groups on the day.  They will continue to work with their peer groups in 2020. Special thanks to Ms Foreshew, Mr Vamvakaris and Ms Sibai who have done a wonderful job guiding our Peer Leaders and supporting our newest members of the school in this valuable wellbeing program.

Our 2020 Peer Leaders:

Alex Arnold, Sophie Asimus, Maise Baker, Ronin Bagshaw, Ziggy Badans, Jessica Berry, Domenique Bogdan, Natasha Brabant, Sasha Cattana, Thomas Chaney, Laura Cox, Ashleigh Crawford, Jasmine DoCarmo, Summer Hornigold, Logan Kilbey, Alanah Krogh, Cassandra Lam, Holly Martin, Alec McConnell, Tahlia McLellan, Alexander Metaxotos, Taylor Napier, William Palmer, Theresa Potts, Crystal Pountney, Katherina Proestos, Jazmin Rowe, Isabella Scott, Maya Simmons, Ashleigh Tait, Alexe Usher, Zuzana Walton, Lucas Wang.

Peer Leading Image 1 Peer Leading Image 2 peer Leading image 3 Peer Laeding Image 4

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