2014 Athletics Carnival

On Friday, 9th of May 2014 Gymea Technology High School held their annual Athletics Carnival at Barden Ridge. The weather was wet and miserable in the morning and it looked as if it could be postponed again.

The carnival was organised as a tabloid event with all individual age groups travelling around to the events together, allowing everyone to participate and cheer their friends on. We even asked one of our Year 7 students, Ashleigh Mason what she thought of the carnival. She said, “Yeah it’s a lot of fun because we get to stay with our age group and friends and watch and cheer them on.”

 During the carnival there were 8 school records broken:

  • Dominic Brereton broke the boys 13 years 800 metre record with a time of 3:02 minutes.
  • Joel Hollingdale broke the boys 12 years 800 metre record, which was set in 2008, with a time of 2:47 minutes.
  • Georgia Brownhill broke the girls 12 years 100 metre record, which was set in 2013 (14:20 seconds), with a time of 14:11 seconds.
  • Jorden Timewell broke the girls 17 years 100 metre record, which was set in 2007 (13:77 seconds) with a time of 13:50 seconds.
  • Callum broke the boys 16 years high jump with a record of 1:60 metres, the record was set in 2007 at 1:66 metres.
  • School Captain Marcus Beattie broke the boys 17 800 metres record that was set in 2007 (2:23.69) with a time of 2:23.56.
  • Teri Fragiadakis set two records at the carnival. He broke the boys’ 17 years 400 metres with a time of 51.0 seconds and the boys 17 years 100 metres in 10:78 seconds. Teri was a silver medallist at the recent Australian U/18 Athletic Championships. Teri enjoyed competing at our carnival and completes his resistance training program at school in the Gym.

Former student and current member of the Australian Men’s Athletic Team, Jarrod Geddes visited the carnival catch up with members of the school community. Good luck in the selection of the Commonwealth Games Team, Jarrod!

Throughout the carnival all of the events ran smoothly and all students competed to the best of their ability thus ensuring everyone had an enjoyable day. Mr Marsh commented, “I like this carnival because this is a great way to bring the school together to participate competitively no matter their skills. It enables teachers and students to get to know each other better.”

Cupcakes, sausage sandwiches and egg and bacon rolls were cooked and sold to help raise funds for school’s cheerleading team, and were an absolute hit. This stall proved very popular for our hungry staff and students.

Thank you to Mrs Noble for organising the carnival, and to all the students who competed and supported this very successful event.

GTHS Media Team
Samara Brownhill, Mikayla Timewell and Olivia Ward

 Photo - Javelin Photo - Running Boys Event










Photo - Running Girls Event

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