Year 10 Work Experience Program 2017

As part of the Career’s and PDHPE curriculum students in Year 10 are required to complete a compulsory block of Work Experience.

When:   Monday 19th June – Friday 23rd June, 2017. (Term 2, Week 9)

Where:  Students are to select and organise their own work placement of their choice

RSVP:   Completed paperwork is to be submitted by Friday 12th May (Term 2, week 3) to Mrs Hristodoulou (Careers Adviser).

Documents: Student Placement Record:  GTHS Student Record Form 2017

The Purpose of Work Experience is to assist students through the transition from school into working life. It also helps students to understand the relationship between school studies and the world of work and to develop greater awareness of their abilities and interests and expand their employability skills.

The Work Experience Program will involve students preparing a Personal Portfolio consisting of a CV and a letter of application for the position. They will need to undergo an interview with the potential employer during work experience and will also need to complete a journal. This is part of their PDHPE assessment.

The employers complete a report on each student, which may be used by the student as a reference in their subsequent job search. Some students even return from Work Experience with a firm job offer or traineeship, others are often given recommendations which result in employment.

The Work Experience Program aims at linking classroom activities to the practical exercise of work experience.

Work Experience is part of a broader Careers Program within the school, covering topics such as;

  • Employability Skills
  • Personal Attributes, Skills and Perceptions
  • Career Planning
  • The Job Search and Application Process
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Interview Process

Students are not to be withdrawn from or change their Work Experience Placement without prior consultation with the Principal and Careers Advisor.

Please note that any students, who will be doing Work Experience at a construction zone, even if it is only as part of a delivery to such a site, are required to hold a WH&S White Card.

While you are urged to provide guidance and direction for your son/daughter, it must be stressed that to gain the maximum benefit from this program, he/she she be encouraged to follow through on each step for himself/herself. It must also be stressed the Work Experience cannot be seen as an extension of a part time job, nor is it desirable for students to do work experience with parents or close relatives.

Please feel free to contact me about this program or any other careers related matter.


Mrs Hristodoulou

Careers Advisor

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