The Amazing Race

Ready? Set…. Go! The Amazing Stem Race

The whole school was a buzz of activity as our gifted and talented and accelerated technology students from years 7 and 8 joined together to compete in our first Amazing STEM Race. The students quite literally ran from one side of the school to the other, working in teams to see who could solve the challenges in the shortest time frame and find our mystery teacher hiding in wait!

Erin and Reanna of Year 7 and Kristina and Ashleigh of Year 8 have fondly recapped the events of the day.

  •  “On 2nd of December, the top classes in year 7 and 8 participated in The Amazing STEM race as a reward for our hard work this year. It consisted of activities from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We teamed up in groups of five and raced around the school to complete a series of ten challenges. The whole race was created on Moodle, allowing us to monitor our progress and use technology and apps to help us solve the challenges.
  •  The teams selected by our teachers, brought year 7 and 8 together as we met new people, made new friends and used each others skills to complete each challenge. Every question we completed correctly gave us a clue to find the mystery teacher and location. Once we had collected all of the clues, it was a race to the finish line to find our mystery teacher, Mr Kneller, in the amphitheatre. At the completion of the race we enjoyed a sausage sizzle.
  •  Congratulations to everyone and in particular to Group 10; Jacob, Ethan, Jared, Remy and Aidan, for winning the race. We had an absolute blast and would like to thank all of the teachers for their hard work and effort in putting this together for us. Even though the server stopped working halfway through, we still had an awesome adventure and our teachers made it so worthwhile!“

The students created a fantastic atmosphere, jumping right into the activity with gusto. Congratulations to all of the students involved on the wonderful way you represented the school and for proving just how much fun you can have in your academic pursuits. Thank you to the Science, Computing and Mathematics faculties and in particular to Mrs Korkidas, Ms Griffith, Ms Tahir and Ms Moir for your help in creating and running such a successful event. Thank you also to Mr Kneller for allowing us to send 60 excited students  his way!

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Mrs Edwards

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