Supporting Growth in Music

Each year, the school undertakes an evaluation of a curriculum area to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students in the longer term. In term 4, our school undertook and evaluation of our music programs to help us plan future directions to support, encourage and inspire increased student interest in music. We wish to ensure a future of support in music for both current students and those students transitioning from primary school.

At Gymea we have maintained student interest in music through the curriculum maintaining elective courses through to the Higher School Certificate. Results in Music in the Higher School Certificate have continued to be very good through to outstanding. Music remains as a subject that allows students to pursue a passion while undertaking quality HSC course and the school remains committed to its long term provision for students who have an interest in Music.

The evaluation served two purposes. The first to give students a voice to let us learn as to what would inspire them and encourage them in music. Secondly, to examine closely the things we do, in the class, with assessments with the range of extracurricular activities offered at Gymea.

We are proud of the achievements in music and of our music students, their work in the classroom and with the extracurricular activities undertaken throughout the year.

We are proud of what our teachers do to support our students through their guidance, involvement and their passion in Music. Our thanks to the Music staff and to our students who have contributed in a positive and constructive way in this evaluation to enhance what we do here at Gymea.

Below is a summary of the future directions that have been derived through student, staff and parent feedback.

Broad Findings

  • A great deal of positive feedback on expectations in classes and guidance with assessments.
  • Music is not seen as critical by a number of students in the year 7 and 8 Music mandatory course who have had no past interest in Music.
  • Students are interested in exploring a variety of musical instruments both within class and with extracurricular involvement.
  • Students strongly expressed the desire for increased opportunities to collaborate in groups and with celebration of their music through performance where they feel they are comfortable doing so.
  • Technology can play a bigger part in the curriculum and extracurricular music.

Future directions

  • A student group is to be established to assist in developing strategic directions, ideas and involvement to support student interest and passion in music.
  • The school needs to investigate how the extra-curricular offerings of music can be broadened without putting increased pressure on classroom teachers.
  • Investigate broadening the range of emerging technologies into music classroom experiences and extracurricular activities.
  • Create a transition program for Year 6 to 7 students that captures those who have an interest in music to explore their options with high school music in a welcoming, collaborative and confident manner.
  • Provide increased curriculum support to teachers of music to support continued growth with quality teaching and assessment practices.
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