Snow Trip

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On Sunday 24 July, 31 students accompanied by Miss Heath, Mr Artuphel and Mrs Edwards eagerly lined the Gymea High bus bay to begin our annual journey down to the snow. The trip down was spent excitedly checking the snow reports, with us making good time to Bungarra Lodge after a quick bite to eat at Cooma.

After being fitted for our snow gear, we headed back to the lodge to get some much-needed rest (some of us more than others) before a big day of skiing and boarding on Monday. The snow fell overnight providing us with an excellent base for our first day on the mountain.

Though the wind was strong, the students braved the cold conditions to complete both their morning and afternoon lessons with a little free time skiing on the beginner slopes in between. The full day of exercise didn’t dampen our student’s energy levels though, with many spending the evening versing Mr Artuphel at ping-pong or bargaining which TV shows we should watch.

With another 20cm of snow falling overnight, we rose early again to the snow still falling. Another busy day followed with morning lessons and an afternoon packed with skiing despite the windy, snowing conditions. Tuesday evening was again filled with activity, with the ping-pong match in full swing again and a gymnastics and stretching class lead by the students in the lounge room. Our students certainly do make the most of their time!

Despite some students being unable to ski on Wednesday, the blue-bird skies and further snow fall proved to be just the right catalysts for  even the tired students to make their way up the mountain for their final day of skiing and boarding. Thredbo was at its best with fantastic conditions, which were thoroughly enjoyed by the staff and the students.

After an exhausting three days, the  bus ride home provided a chance for some much needed rest, and we arrived back to school a litttle earlier than expected. As always, our students represented the school beautifully, with the camp instructors commenting on how great our students are.  Congratulations to all of you for a memorable four days and thank you to Mr Liley, Mrs Edwards, Mr Artuphel and Miss Heath and Mrs Edwards for making this trip possible. 

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