Our Learning Spaces Attract University Attention.

Our school’s design2learn project is an innovative project focussed on improving pedagogy and developing 21st century learning skills in students. The project commenced in 2012 and has involved the design of modern, progressive classrooms that are not only amazing facilities but have proven to be inspiring and motivating learning environments which have enriched the learning experiences for our students. This project is not just about new rooms, we have created a whole new learning experience, a new approach to 21st century teaching and learning to enhance the academic, social and emotional outcomes of students.

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This is a very important direction in education and the NSW Department of Education will now invest $1 billion to implement flexible learning spaces in classrooms across NSW schools. To help with this implementation, the Department of Education has also contracted the University of Wollongong (UOW) to conduct a study on these types of learning spaces in schools.

Our school has been on the forefront of these innovative educational directions and has been selected to participate in the “ Spaces Research Study” by the UOW. This is a very exciting opportunity as we share our experiences and provide data that will be used for the future planning of learning spaces upgrades across NSW schools. Our contributions to this important study involve discussions with the lead executive, teachers and students in focus groups, as well as lesson observations and the use of digital equipment to track the movement of teachers and students during lessons and learning activities.

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Our design2learn team conducted extensive research and school consultation before commencement of this project and since implementation in 2012,  both students and staff have identified a significant increase in student engagement in learning and many other positive changes that have come about as a result of this project. We have certainly learned many lessons throughout this process and look forward to sharing the findings from this Research with our school community.

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February 2018

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  • School Swimming Carnival ALL
  • Drama Task 4:Development of Individual Project and Logbook Phase 1 Year 12
  • Sharks Wellbeing Presentation
  • Chinese School Visit - Wulumugi
  • Onstage - Drama Excursion
  • Chinese School Visit - Wulumugi
  • Chinese School Visit - Wulumugi
  • Chinese School Visit - Wulumugi
  • Chinese School Visit - Wulumugi
  • P&C Meeting
  • Year 12 Pathways & Information Evening
  • C2L Student Devices Connected to Network Yrs 7-10
  • Positive Start Year Assembly Year 12
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  • English Extension 2 Task 1:Viva Voce Year 12
  • Year 7 Vaccinations - HPV & DPT
  • Positive Start Year Assembly Year 9
  • Positive Start Year Assembly Year 9
  • Positive Start Year Assembly Year 11
  • Positive Start Year Assembly Year 10
  • Drama Task 1:Research Task Year 9
  • English 9G, 9Y, 9M, 9E Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task Year 9
  • Alan Davidson Shield Cricket
  • Science G Task 1:Electrical Assessment Year 9
  • Science Y Task 1:Electrical Assessment Year 9
  • Science E Task 1:Electrical Assessment Year 9
  • Science M Task 1:Electrical Assessment Year 9
  • Software Design and Development Task 3: Major Project - Stage 1 Year 12
  • Primary School Visits (Gymea North PS)
  • UTS Stem Conference Year 10
  • Under 15s Netball KO Match
  • Primary Schools Visit (Kareela PS)
  • Primary Schools Visit (Sutherland PS)
  • Visual Arts HSC in a Month Excursion Year 12 VA
  • Primary Schools Visit (Sutherland North Primary)
  • Primary Schools Visit (Oyster Bay PS)
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