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Welcome to the Gymea Technology High School website. At our school we aim for all students to achieve their full academic potential in a supportive and nurturing environment.
There are many benefits to be gained by attending Gymea Technology High School as an international student. One of the advantages of our school here at Gymea is that it is a special Technology High School. Besides studying the usual range of courses and Higher School Certificate subjects, our students are able to explore aspects of technology through specially designed elective courses across the school’s total curriculum and accelerated computing classes for talented students. To strengthen literacy, there is  a specialist English class for students from non-english speaking backgrounds in Years 11 and 12 . Targeted academic and welfare  support  is also readily available.
Our school’s purpose is to equip you, our students, to take your place in the community. The facts you learn and the skills you gain in your study of each subject are most important; but just as important will be the way you develop as members of this school community. You will learn to think logically, to express yourself clearly, to examine both sides of an argument, to draw conclusions and to make judgements. You will learn of other cultures and other points of view, and learn to work together with others. You will also come to appreciate the origins and values of our society and how these have developed. Teachers are always ready to help students at any time, but if you have a particular problem, your Year Adviser is always there to assist with extra advice and guidance

Teachers are important in your learning, but you, the students, are the most important. To succeed, it is you who must give of your best. To enjoy your secondary school life, you should participate in the full range of opportunities that your school offers you. If you do all of this, I know your time at Gymea Technology High School will be both happy and rewarding.

Temporary Residents

The Temporary Residents Program allows eligible students with temporary resident visas to study in a New South Wales government school from Kindergarten through to Year 12. Students who have temporary resident visas and wish to study at Gymea Technology High School are to contact the school as a initial step to their application.

Students applying for enrolment through the Temporary Residents Program must complete the Temporary Residents Program Application Form for an Authority to Enrol.

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Debutante Ball  2014 (International student, Anqi Liang on far left)

International Student Awards ( From left; Lin Jiang – past Gymea  student and International Student Ambassador, Julie Wang – outstanding student award recipient, Mrs A. Kay – Deputy Principal)



For additional information see;

1.  The International Student Website –
2.  NSW Government Schools2.  DEC Public Schools Site – International Students and Temporary Residents –
3. International Student Guide 2014-2015



CRICOS provider name: NSW Department of Education  (schools)  CRICOS provider code: 00588M



Upcoming Events

December 2017

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Hospitality VET Work Placement Year 11
  • Software Design and Development Task 1: RAD Project Year 11
  • History Extension Task 1: Project Proposal Year 11
  • Performing Arts Assembly
  • English Advanced Task 1: Area of Study: Speech Year 11
  • English Standard Task 1: Area of Study: Speech Year 11
  • Society and Culture Task 1: PIP Proposal Year 11
  • HSC 2018 PIP Day - Society and Culture
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Task 1: Research and written report Year 11
  • Physics Task 1: Projectile Motion Assessment Year 11
  • Community and Family Studies Task 1: Independent Research Project Part 3 Year 11
  • Yr 7 2018 Orientation-Peer Leading Year 9
  • PASS Camp to Bonnie Vale Year 10
  • Ancient History Task 1: Source Analysis Task Year 11
  • Visual Arts Task 1: Development of BOW Year 11
  • Peer Leader Training Year 9
  • Digital Media Team to National Park
  • Dance Task 7: Composition Task Year 9
  • Year 10PASS Camp to Bonnie Vale
  • Drama: Performance and Written Task 1: In class performance and essay Year 11
  • Mathematics Extension 2 Task 1: In Class Test Year 11
  • Year 10PASS Camp to Bonnie Vale
  • Economics Task 1: Global Economy Research Year 11
  • Year Presentation Assemblies
  • Annual Presentation
  • Formal at Kareela Gof Club Year 10
  • Jamberoo Excursion Year 7
  • HSC results released
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