HSC Success!

We proudly congratulate our year 12 students of 2016 for their excellent performance and commitment with this year’s Higher School Certificate.  We have many wonderful stories of students overall results and pathways for their post secondary school life. Many students were present in the early hours of the morning on the day of the release of results to share their good news with their teachers and executive. Equally, there was much to celebrate with significant growth in course areas where teachers and faculties have happily celebrated student achievement and feel proud of the changes and the work that has been made to support year 12.

A comparison of student performance versus state performance across all courses is demonstrating increased positive outcomes and improved results for our students at Gymea with substantial improvements with Mathematics and English as two areas that involve many students across the school. Our year 12 students have worked hard towards these improvements and we commend them for their perseverance and positive outlook.

There is much happening at Gymea that has heightened the focus and performance in academics as well as the extracurricular activities that the school offers our students to develop and achieve to their best.  Engaging our students through clear and supportive processes while exercising a healthy level of disciplined expectations continues to see our students flourish in attitude, skills and performance.

Special Congratulations

Special Congratulations to Louise Press who was named by the Board of Studies as an ‘All-rounder” a prestigious list of those students who achieved results in the top band possible for at least 10 units of HSC courses.

Louise is also a talented Dancer who took on all opportunities through high school with her dance and was nominated for Call-Back for HSC dance. She has also been recognised for her Personal Interest Project in Society and Culture awarded a High Distinction with her project to be published in the State Library of NSW.

Louise received band 6 results in

Biology, Dance, English (Advanced), Mathematics General 2, and Society and Culture

Each year we highlight those courses in which our students shone, where as a course group there is quality performance in achievement with the state or individual performance. These courses deserve the special acknowledgment for 2016.

  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • English (Advanced)
  • Hospitality
  • Information Processes and Technology
  • Legal Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Extension 2
  • Mathematics General 2
  • Music 1
  • Society and Culture

There were again many individual accomplishments and achievements. For some achieving citations from the Board of Studies as Distinguished Achievers but also those students who worked with determination with their peers and teachers to bring about commendable results. Congratulations to year 12  for their overall success this year.  Special congratulations to the students below who made the Board of Studies Distinguished Achievers list.

  • Beaven, Thomas, Mathematics
  • Bhadkamkar Vaidehi, Mathematics Extension 2
  • Fuller, Zoe Alexandra, Dance
  • Glover, Sarah Anne, Society and Culture
  • Goldrick, Emma, Society and Culture
  • Hristodoulou, Adam, English (Advanced), Business Studies and Mathematics Extension 2
  • Koroneos, Adriana, Music 1
  • Liddle Jackson, Mathematics Extension 2
  • Liu, Xianhe, Mathematics Extension , Mathematics Extension 2
  • Press, Louise Biology, Dance, English (Advanced), Mathematics General 2, Society and Culture


We are proud of year 12!



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  • English Advanced Task 4 Module C:Viewing and Representing Year 12
  • Sutherland Public School - Infants Sports Day Yr 10 PASS
  • English Extension 1 Task 2 Analytical Year 11
  • Construction and Landscaping Task 3: Enterprise Project Plan Year 12
  • PDHPE 10y Task 4: Investigation and Careers Task Year 10
  • Design and Technology - 12DAT1 Task 4: Major Design Project Year 12
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