Athletics Success at Zone

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There was much excitement about on Friday 10th June as our Zone team headed off to Sylvania Athletics track to represent our school at the Zone Athletics Carnival. School spirit was again alive and well with a large number of our talented athletes proudly representing our school – competing, supporting and encouraging each other.

All members of our Zone Athletics team were excellent representatives of our school and did our school community proud with our largest number of athletes ever participating in numerous track and field events, giving  their all. We had some spectacular team and individual successes from a number of students with 15 students proceeding to the Regional Athletics Carnival. Our relay teams did exceptionally well with our 13yrs boys and 14 yrs girls winning their events, and the 13 yrs girls and 14 yrs boys teams placing second.

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As was the case at our Athletics Carnival last term, it was great to see so many parents in attendance supporting our students as they competed against other schools. Many thanks to Mrs Noble, Mr Fallah, Mr Clarke, Mr Breen and our University helper for escorting our team and assisting with the day’s organisation.

Congratulations to our entire zone team.

12 yrs

Thomas Buckley, Savir Chauvin,  Jaclyn Duncombe, Chet French, Matthew Garberg, Karina Karamova, Sarah Kelly, Aman Kuai, Taharna Liston, Kerehi Matafeo, Marilena Saifoulina, Janalie Tang, Harrison Tse.

13 yrs

Trinity Bukalan, Noah Dakin, Adam Dailly, Marnie Frearson, Naomi Gaddes, Parham Ghobadi, Amelia Holland, Jack Kokles, Jayden Lawlor, Olivia Lovell, James Napier, Lofina Nauman, Jorja Paardekooper, Jesse Pozzobon, Josh Rose, Piper Scott, Isabelle Slack-Smith, Marcus ten Brinke, Ethan Towns, Kye Townsend, Celeste Walker, Aishlin Walker

14 yrs

Marcus Apostolakis,  Jenna Black, Georgia Brownhill, Max Cawsey-Smith, Amelia Duggan, Angie Dumas, Declan Fallah, Max Fuller, Tyne Hart, Joel Holingdale, Riley Moore,  Natali Pavlovic, Amelia Payne, Andrew Pestana, Koby Porter, Mitchell Putney, Rachel Purchase, Genevieve Reiprich, Erica Santos, Chelsea Sharpe, Anna-Grace Simpson, Nicola Toon, Bianca Trehearn, Noah Tyte, Charlotte Whyte.

15 yrs

Mya Brandt, Caitlyn Clancy, Rhys Dakin, Jamie Fraser, Mario Jagodis, Kristina Kastrounis, Josie Lightowlers, Ashleigh Magaya, Hayley Marsh-Clutton, Ashleigh Mason,Jake Mendon, Tyler Murray, Olivia Rabone, Ameen Scott, Jake Sidney,Holly Van Gaalen, Hannah Whitehouse.

16 yrs

Matthew Crawley, Bridget Fallah, Emily Fradd, Jane Kooiman, Emily Lenz, Mkenna Liston, Brianna Murphy, Bridie Newton, Tyler Towns.

17+ yrs

Harris Baker, Bronte Banach, Samara Brownhill, Gabbie Candia, Ben Challen, Jesse Elton, Yvette Farley, Leif Fingleton, Cody Gaddes, Jessica Garrick, Adam Hristodoulou, Milai Kawasaki, Adriana Koroneos,Henry Mitchell, Jess Powley, Samantha Richardson, Janes Scott, Liam Shearsby, Matthew Simpson, Cooper Wells, Jack Woolmer.

Individual results from our School Athletics Carnival can be found here  for the different age groups:

12 and 13 yrs results  14 and 15 yrs results  16 and 17 yrs Results

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