A Superhero Effort

On the 11th – 14th of June our SLA ran a Superhero Week for Bear Cottage, one of only 2 children’s hospices in Australia. This is a charity we, as a school, strongly support and have been fortunate enough to visit twice now to witness the hard work and dedication of the nurses and support staff. As Bear Cottage is completely reliant on fundraising, and requires over $3 million a year to keep running, we are passionate about raising funds for this worthy cause.

During our Superhero Week we sold Bear Cottage wrist bands, kindly donated by Ellie in Year 10’s mother, held a cake stall that was funded by some of our very generous students and staff, and on the last day we held a superhero dress-up/mufti day.

Whilst the mufti day was being held we organised a face painting stall where the SLA and other volunteer students painted faces with superhero themes for a gold coin donation.

Many students and teachers got involved and had a great day. It was good to see everybody participating to raise money for the children, families and staff at Bear Cottage.  Kiara of Year 12 and the prefects wanted to work with the SLA to contribute as well, so they organised a painting for bear cottage. Mr Soames painted the amazing artwork and Mrs Edwards and Kiara put the ideas together. Bear Cottage loved the painting and was amazed by our efforts for them.

Our superhero week was extremely successful. We raised $1450 and we had an amazing day. Everyone was so proud of the efforts the students, the SLA and the teachers put in. Bear Cottage was extremely thankful and grateful for our fundraising efforts.

Bear Cottage is such a fantastic organisation that looks after terminally ill children. They rely totally on donations from the public. We encourage other schools to fundraise for such a great cause.

Here is an excerpt from a letter Bear Cottage sent to our school:

It was lovely to meet the kids that organised this year’s event, when they came to visit Bear Cottage to present a cheque for $1450 – what a great job they did and such a fantastic achievement! These funds go a long way to giving another terminally ill child and their family the chance to come home and stay with us for some respite or end-of-life care, and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful they are for this opportunity. I hope that whenever Gymea students now think of Bear Cottage, or come across a story about a child with a life-limiting condition, they are reminded of how much they are doing to help.”  (R.Thornley –  Supporter Relationship Manager – Bear Cottage)

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